Sunday, 8 January 2012

My babies

Well first of all, as I've promised, a glimpse of the Shoes Le Magnifique:


-gasps from the audience-

TADAAA!!! :)

The funny thing is that at first we only went into Aldo because of the big sale that was going on there. Yet as soon as we walked in and I spotted these glorious wonders of shoemanship I knew it was meant to be. Though it took my brain (and wallet) some convincing, my heart had already made the decision. And now we shall be together forever -gets misty eyed look and turns away dramatically-

R800 (64 pounds/ 98 dollars/ 76 euros) later...We are in Woolwoths. And I know it's not winter yet but when I saw these beauties I just couldn't help myself. 
Tell me what you think (imagine them with black tights and a big coat with big beany and long ruffly scarf)

Anyways. I have given up on this Dukan nonsense. It really just isn't working and I need to lose some weight NOW (even if it's just water weight) becuase  school starts on Wedneesday and Taylor is coming back on Friday and right now I feel LIKE A FAT COW. 
I'm going to write "moo" and stick it on my mirrors until I feel a bit less like a heffalump...
Thinspiration, no? :)

Also, I'm just going to go  the traditional method of eating very little, lots and lots of Vawter (I mean water, ahem) and absolutely no bread, pasta, rice, flour or sugar. There. That should do it.
Wish me luck! :) 

Oh, and one more thing. Went stationery shopping for school (which I mentioned starts on Wednesday..Am going to be in Grade 11- BOMDIGGIDY!!) today..I loooove stationery shopping (what kind of self-respecting girly girl doesn't, am I right or am I right?) And I bought loads and loads of stuff (half of which i probably will either lose immediately or never use)... This isn't all of it but heres a sneak peak of whats going into my pencilcase this year : 

And now I reeeally need to go to bed :)

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Busy Bee

So ALOT has happened since new years.
Like for instance: my First Ever Hangover (thankyou, thankyou).. Wow it was brutal.

And also I have just been soo busy doing this and that and this and those and over here and wow.
I don't really have time for blogging at the moment, will have to wait until I'm back at school and things are a bit less hectic.

.....One one last note: yesterday I spent R800 on a pair of stilleto platforms from ALDO. They are just stunning. I think I might marry them. Will post pics tomorrow -those who read my blog are probably noticing this shameless attempt at suspense and are shaking their heads pityingly. Gimme a break, I'm a newbie!-

Cool. gotta go.
(and I'm still fat incase you were wondering. 160 pounds this morning. yiiikes...this diet is NOT working. need to find something new to do. any suggestion? . .  .BESIDES exercising, good Lord )

Bye :)

Friday, 30 December 2011

The one shoulder hug

Today after work I went down into Enemy Territory (otherwise known as the other cafe at the farmvillage; our competitor) because it was cold and windy and I really needed a drink. I ordered a vodka and cranberry juice and was sitting there merrily sipping away when all of a sudden a wild Kyle* appears! (that was a smigde of humour for my fellow Megusta fans. Viva rage comics!)
I sat there with a huge I-Know-You-Know-I-Am-Underage look on my face until finally I just said "Shhh" and he laughed. Phew.
So I pretended I was all mature and old and politely asked the bartender if I could buy Kyle a shot (even though Kyle had already politely declined because he had to cycle home) and he politely said "alright" and so Kyle and I had coffee tequila shooters. Sweet Jesus it was good. My gums went all tingly!
But then when he had to go he gave me this weird one-armed awkward shoulder-nudge hug thing that kinda ruined it. But he's still on my cool list :)

Anyways. Have noticed that although I started this blog to track my dieting habits, Ive hardly spoken about it. Today was a difficult day and I did have a few little cheats (I had a bit of a millionare shortbread and cranberry juice technically counts as fruit which is not part of the eating plan) but anyways, I hardly ate much today, probably about 1000 calories, so thats good. Am content.

Amped for new years tomorrow!! having small get-together at my friend ash's house because her parents are going out. Shall be fairly entertaining.

Also: A question for anyone who reads this: Do I write too much? I noticed that alot of bloggers post mainly pictures but I like to put a bit of substance into my post. And its nice to share my thoughts. But maybe I should make my entries a bit more bite-size? I don't know... Any thoughts on this are welcome xx

Bye xx

*Kyle is a very strange very witty but wierdly attractive guy from my history class. He and I hardly ever speak but when we do we actually have a lot of fun together -teenagegirlgrinface-

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Hungry Hungry I am Hungry

I actually didn't read my book at all (tsk tsk)
Phoned him for like half an hour... Well actually might as well tell you his name because I'm about to upload a picture of my face so if anyone saw this blog they'd know its me anyways.
We talked about random things for a bit but he kept getting disconnected so eventually I said I had to go -insert excuse here- and said goodbye.

AND THEN i went to the shop and bought some shiz for my new eating plan. Not a very exiting shop expedition, I can tell you. Could hardly eat anything in the shop! The only thing that really appealed to me was the pack of salmon fillets but it cost like R70 (almost $9 or 6 pounds or 7 euros for my foreign friends) so that was soooo not going to happen. Ended up with this:

Ate the smaller carton of fat free yoghurt on the way home. Tasted like puke. NEVER again.
Cooked up some chicken and made some wierd spiced sauce from the other yoghurt (excuse the chip on the plate, tried to hide it in the photograph but it sneaked in, the bugger). Not bad actually, if I do say so myself.

And finally. Thought it would be nice for those reading my blog to be able to put a face to a name.: hi! :)

Ok well thats all for now I guess.
Bye :)

So you buy a hundred balloons and then what?

Yes. We went to the Chinese Store and bought a hundred balloons and then  sat in my friend's room and blew them all up and-
And then? And then we sat there staring at them wondering what to do.
Which ended up being shoving our faces with cake (yes, me included) and watching really terrible movies.
Ok so I messed up yesterday. On the "1st day" no less, haha.  But I made up for it today. This morning one of my friends offered me a chocolate digestive biscuit (i LOVE chocolate digestive biscuits!) and weak little me took it and took a bite. AND THEN i remembered the promise I'd made to myself and I went into the kitchen and spat it out! YESSSSS, acheivement! ..Is it really sad to be proud of myself? Because I so am. Pats-self-on-the-back
And the only other thing I've eaten the whole day is a piece of steak and a spoonful of fat free cottage cheese.

I can't really concentrate on writing anything because
1. I don't even remember what time I went to bed and
2. I can't stop thinking about the movie we watched last night! It's called Hard Candy and it has that actress who i LOVE, i think her name is ellen page but i might be wrong. She was in Juno (as Juno)..Anyways this movie was so disturbing! Like you thought it was going to be about some pedophile but it ends up that SHE's the psycho and etc it goes on, much thrilling.
 We also got out Bruno but I'd already fallen asleep by the time they put it on, such is my life... I'm always the first one to fall asleep at sleep overs.

Anyways. Feel quite gross at the moment and have work tomorrow. Am going to go read my book The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice (trust me, its got nothing sparkly or Pattinsony in this book. It was written like a hindred years ago and its really cool. just saying.)

bye :)

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Today is going to be a bitch :)

One of my best friends is having a birthday party today which means there will be Cupcakes and Sweets and All That Is Yummy and I must not be tempted. Today is day 1 and this will be the first test of my strength. (and I havent got her a birthday present yet!!!)
 Have to be there by 2pm. (and I am so not still in my pajamas)

Also, just got sms from him (am going to have to find a name for him soon because this "he/him" business just aint gonna cut it.) saying he is going spearfishing just now. Oh how manly. (It is actually quite manly, I just usually like to tease him about being a wimp) Kinda miss him just a smidge but am not going to tell him that beacuse I Am An Independent Woman! (Who Misses Her Boyfriend!)

Ok well enough of that; this is my plan for the next 5 days... yikes.

5 DAYS: ATTACK PHASE- *remember to drink WATER

lean meats:
-LEAN mince
*cooking: NO OIL/BUTTER ...more cooked=less fat
-smoked salmon!! is good!!
-tinned fish in water
-seafood sticks
*cooking: no oil ect ...add lemon juice and herbs
-eat lots of prawns, crab, shrimp, mussels etc
-chicken: eat the white meat, not the skin then maybe legs/wings
-turkey: GO MAD, eat it all!
low fat sliced cooked meats, with all rind cut off
-go for ham and turkey slices
-eat as much egg whites as you want
-plain fat free yoghurt, cottage cheese, milk
*low fat products are not really tolerated

*DO NOT EAT OIL (only a teeny TINY bit if absolutely neccesary)
*you may eat lots of vinegar!
*you may eat mustard in moderation

-rib eye steak
-cured ham
-smoked ham
-mackerel in sauce
-sardines or tuna in oil
-whole milk dairy products

what you can have for breakfast:
cottage cheese
oat bran


TIPS: exercise in the morning
      have a hot drink in the morning

sparkling water
soft drinks
seafood sticks
lean meat
tinned mackerel
smoked salmon
cottage cheese

*do not eat late at night

same as lunch

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Bright Idea!

Ok so i made a plan. Here are some photos I just took. 'spose I'll call them my BEFORE photos...
Can't believe I stole my mom's camera, searched all over the house for bateries for said camera (eventually took the ones from the tv remote) , took pictures of my Physique De Grotesque and uploaded them onto the computer just so I can put up pictures of myself onto a blog that I will probably be the only person to ever read! Madness I tell you, MADNESS!!

That will be all :)