Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Bright Idea!

Ok so i made a plan. Here are some photos I just took. 'spose I'll call them my BEFORE photos...
Can't believe I stole my mom's camera, searched all over the house for bateries for said camera (eventually took the ones from the tv remote) , took pictures of my Physique De Grotesque and uploaded them onto the computer just so I can put up pictures of myself onto a blog that I will probably be the only person to ever read! Madness I tell you, MADNESS!!

That will be all :)


  1. OMG OMGGGG OMGGG, WTF i WANT YOUR BODY. It has a GORGEOUS shape, its so feminine. Remember to thank god everyday for that, you are truly blessed! I wish i had that body. And wow, your 5'10??? afffff. I'm so jealous of you girl. You're gorgeous, keep eating healthy and exercising! Much love , xx

  2. You don't look fat at all hun! I am a similar height and weigh a bit less but my body is horrible by comparison, you have a really lovely shape. Good luck with the diet though, I know what it's like to feel gross about yourself and it's the worst. I actually did the Dukan diet to drop 3 stone last year - if you want any tips/advice, give me a shout :) I've just joined twitter if you want to add me - Celia20ver - good luck!xx

  3. I think you look great how you are, you have an amazing figure! ...But as above I also know how it feels to feel bad about yourself. But do what makes you happy, and everything in moderation. Even chocolate ;) xxx