Friday, 30 December 2011

The one shoulder hug

Today after work I went down into Enemy Territory (otherwise known as the other cafe at the farmvillage; our competitor) because it was cold and windy and I really needed a drink. I ordered a vodka and cranberry juice and was sitting there merrily sipping away when all of a sudden a wild Kyle* appears! (that was a smigde of humour for my fellow Megusta fans. Viva rage comics!)
I sat there with a huge I-Know-You-Know-I-Am-Underage look on my face until finally I just said "Shhh" and he laughed. Phew.
So I pretended I was all mature and old and politely asked the bartender if I could buy Kyle a shot (even though Kyle had already politely declined because he had to cycle home) and he politely said "alright" and so Kyle and I had coffee tequila shooters. Sweet Jesus it was good. My gums went all tingly!
But then when he had to go he gave me this weird one-armed awkward shoulder-nudge hug thing that kinda ruined it. But he's still on my cool list :)

Anyways. Have noticed that although I started this blog to track my dieting habits, Ive hardly spoken about it. Today was a difficult day and I did have a few little cheats (I had a bit of a millionare shortbread and cranberry juice technically counts as fruit which is not part of the eating plan) but anyways, I hardly ate much today, probably about 1000 calories, so thats good. Am content.

Amped for new years tomorrow!! having small get-together at my friend ash's house because her parents are going out. Shall be fairly entertaining.

Also: A question for anyone who reads this: Do I write too much? I noticed that alot of bloggers post mainly pictures but I like to put a bit of substance into my post. And its nice to share my thoughts. But maybe I should make my entries a bit more bite-size? I don't know... Any thoughts on this are welcome xx

Bye xx

*Kyle is a very strange very witty but wierdly attractive guy from my history class. He and I hardly ever speak but when we do we actually have a lot of fun together -teenagegirlgrinface-


  1. Hey, I don't think you write to much at all. You commented on my thinspo blog the other day actually I really appreciated it and it's mostly photo's yes but I also have another blog that is mainly writing. Substance is really good.
    If you wanna check it out this is my other blog:
    I also don't update enough about how my "dieting/e.d" is going enough.
    I think it's really nice just to have people who are going through the same stuff but at the same time hear about their lives besides what you have in common. Any ways following you now.
    Kyle sounds cute in a kwirky dorky way.
    Have a happy new years and be safe, don't get in to much trouble. ;)

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