Tuesday, 27 December 2011

So this is like a diary, right?

I got a journal for christmas from my parents which I was going to write in but I wanted something I can't just throw away.
I have created this blog in an attempt to confront myself about my issues with my body and also just because its nice to write down my feelings once in a while (i am a girl after all)
At the moment I weigh....Actually I havent weighed myself in months. let me go check quick.
Ok I weigh 73.5 kgs (or seeing as it seems to be the trend to use the imperial system in these blogs: 162 pounds)
Keeping in mind that it IS the festive season and i DID have three helpings of gammon on Christmas eve and have been subsisting mainly on trifle and custard for the last week, I do unfortunately see that that sounds hideously fat.
And it is.
And i shall conquer it! *triumphant fist-in-the-air

I 'spose I should start with stating my measurements before I talk about my goals, if I truly am determined to be all business-womany about this...

THIGHS: 63cm - 24 inches

BUM: 102cm - 40 inches  (yikes!)

HIPS: 94cm - 37 inches

WAIST: 69cm - 27inches

FACE: ....just kiddin :) actually it is 57cm/23inches.... does that mean i have a big head? (cheesy joke :D )

Ok so my BMI iiiiis 23.5   (im 5'10 or 1.78m tall)
 So thats healthy right?  Then why do my thighs rub together so much? Hmmm? why do my hips wobble when i walk? Healthy indeed!

I want to feel light like a feather, I want someone to scoop me into their arms.
And so I shall embark on a Diet. Yes, that sacred word that has captivated and strangled so many woman around the world. I too have fallen into the trap. And I do so at my own risk.
Tomorrow I am going to start on this thing my mom told me about. Apparently theres a whole bunch of steps and stuff and the first stage is to eat straight meat (and fat free dairy products for 5 days..yum)
I'm actually quite exited to start it but tonight I'm eating whatever I like (I'm actually eating a packet of speckled eggs right now..I love the blue ones)

I was going to upload a picture of myself but my camera is at his house. (yes, there is a him.)
And he is in Knysna right now. For three weeks.

Ok i guess i can't just write on this post for the rest of the night, got to go eat lots of fatty food while I can.

Do you say goodbye at the end of a post?
... bye :)

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