Thursday, 29 December 2011

So you buy a hundred balloons and then what?

Yes. We went to the Chinese Store and bought a hundred balloons and then  sat in my friend's room and blew them all up and-
And then? And then we sat there staring at them wondering what to do.
Which ended up being shoving our faces with cake (yes, me included) and watching really terrible movies.
Ok so I messed up yesterday. On the "1st day" no less, haha.  But I made up for it today. This morning one of my friends offered me a chocolate digestive biscuit (i LOVE chocolate digestive biscuits!) and weak little me took it and took a bite. AND THEN i remembered the promise I'd made to myself and I went into the kitchen and spat it out! YESSSSS, acheivement! ..Is it really sad to be proud of myself? Because I so am. Pats-self-on-the-back
And the only other thing I've eaten the whole day is a piece of steak and a spoonful of fat free cottage cheese.

I can't really concentrate on writing anything because
1. I don't even remember what time I went to bed and
2. I can't stop thinking about the movie we watched last night! It's called Hard Candy and it has that actress who i LOVE, i think her name is ellen page but i might be wrong. She was in Juno (as Juno)..Anyways this movie was so disturbing! Like you thought it was going to be about some pedophile but it ends up that SHE's the psycho and etc it goes on, much thrilling.
 We also got out Bruno but I'd already fallen asleep by the time they put it on, such is my life... I'm always the first one to fall asleep at sleep overs.

Anyways. Feel quite gross at the moment and have work tomorrow. Am going to go read my book The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice (trust me, its got nothing sparkly or Pattinsony in this book. It was written like a hindred years ago and its really cool. just saying.)

bye :)

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