Sunday, 8 January 2012

My babies

Well first of all, as I've promised, a glimpse of the Shoes Le Magnifique:


-gasps from the audience-

TADAAA!!! :)

The funny thing is that at first we only went into Aldo because of the big sale that was going on there. Yet as soon as we walked in and I spotted these glorious wonders of shoemanship I knew it was meant to be. Though it took my brain (and wallet) some convincing, my heart had already made the decision. And now we shall be together forever -gets misty eyed look and turns away dramatically-

R800 (64 pounds/ 98 dollars/ 76 euros) later...We are in Woolwoths. And I know it's not winter yet but when I saw these beauties I just couldn't help myself. 
Tell me what you think (imagine them with black tights and a big coat with big beany and long ruffly scarf)

Anyways. I have given up on this Dukan nonsense. It really just isn't working and I need to lose some weight NOW (even if it's just water weight) becuase  school starts on Wedneesday and Taylor is coming back on Friday and right now I feel LIKE A FAT COW. 
I'm going to write "moo" and stick it on my mirrors until I feel a bit less like a heffalump...
Thinspiration, no? :)

Also, I'm just going to go  the traditional method of eating very little, lots and lots of Vawter (I mean water, ahem) and absolutely no bread, pasta, rice, flour or sugar. There. That should do it.
Wish me luck! :) 

Oh, and one more thing. Went stationery shopping for school (which I mentioned starts on Wednesday..Am going to be in Grade 11- BOMDIGGIDY!!) today..I loooove stationery shopping (what kind of self-respecting girly girl doesn't, am I right or am I right?) And I bought loads and loads of stuff (half of which i probably will either lose immediately or never use)... This isn't all of it but heres a sneak peak of whats going into my pencilcase this year : 

And now I reeeally need to go to bed :)

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Busy Bee

So ALOT has happened since new years.
Like for instance: my First Ever Hangover (thankyou, thankyou).. Wow it was brutal.

And also I have just been soo busy doing this and that and this and those and over here and wow.
I don't really have time for blogging at the moment, will have to wait until I'm back at school and things are a bit less hectic.

.....One one last note: yesterday I spent R800 on a pair of stilleto platforms from ALDO. They are just stunning. I think I might marry them. Will post pics tomorrow -those who read my blog are probably noticing this shameless attempt at suspense and are shaking their heads pityingly. Gimme a break, I'm a newbie!-

Cool. gotta go.
(and I'm still fat incase you were wondering. 160 pounds this morning. yiiikes...this diet is NOT working. need to find something new to do. any suggestion? . .  .BESIDES exercising, good Lord )

Bye :)